Digital Photos

Our digital photo kiosks allow you to edit and print your digital images, create cd’s and dvd’s, scan and copy prints, create greeting cards and much more. Read photography tips here to learn how to get the most out of your photos.

Access photos from the following locations:

Any media card, picture CD or DVD



Scan a photo that you have with you

Pricing for Digital Prints and Other Printing Services

4×6 Items Amount Price
Photo 1-10 Prints $0.29 ea.
Photo 11-20 Prints $0.27 ea.
Photo 21-50 Prints $0.25 ea.
Photo 51+ Prints $0.23 ea.
Collage ALL $0.49 ea.
Index ALL $0.59 ea.
Flat Card ALL $0.49 ea.
Calendar ALL $0.49 ea.
Wallets ALL $0.49 ea.
Passport ALL $5.99
4×8 Items Amount Price
Card 1-24 Prints $0.99 ea.
Card 25-50 Prints $0.89 ea.
Card 51+ Prints $0.85 ea.
5×7 Items Amount Price
Photo ALL $1.99 ea.
Folded Card ALL $1.99 ea.
8×10 Items Amount Price
Photo Buy 2 Get 1 FREE $4.99 ea.
Collage ALL $6.99
Calendar ALL $8.99
8×11.5 Items Amount Price
Wall Calendar ALL $19.99
Photo Book ALL $19.99
8×12 Items Amount Price
Photo ALL $5.49 ea.
Calendar ALL $9.49 ea.
Misc Items Amount Price
CD ALL $2.99 ea.
DVD ALL $3.99 ea.
Photo Value Pack 20 – 4×6, 3 – 5×7, and 3 – 8×10 $18.99

Other Services

Postage Stamps

For you convenience, we sell postage stamps in books of 10, 20 and individually.

Check Free Pay

Avoid late fees, service charges, and negative credit reporting. Allow us to save you time and money. Use the payment center locator to determine if we accept payment for a particular bill.


Send or receive faxes for a minimal fee.

Helium Balloons

Create lasting memories with our wonderful selection of mylar, latex, custom Fort Frye and Waterford High School balloons and other party accessories.

B&W Rewards Card Program

Get your B&W Pharmacy’s Rewards Card and start earning your way for free stuff!